coffee with the power to influence

About Speakeasy

Speakeasy Cafe open weekends 8am to 6pm

Roasting on demand for guaranteed freshness

2010 / 2011 Cup of Excellence coffees

Exclusive direct relationship micro-lots

2011 SIAL “Golden Bean” for best blend

CQI Licensed Q Grader on staff

Bulk orders filled within 48 hours

“Speakeasy” branded or “Private Label”

Supplier of roasted and green coffees

Tailored packaging & price point options

Not for profit / Bulk / Wholesale pricing available

more @

  1. I have been drinking Harar Speakeasy coffee for the last couple of days. It is fantastic. I had an idea that it was going to taste good judging from the aroma of the coffee. I was pleasantly surprised at the fabulous taste of the coffee. Now, I have no problems getting up when the alarm goes off (without pressing the snooze button 2 or 3 times) because I know that I can enjoy such a high quality cup (or 2) of coffee.

  2. I recently bought some Mexico & Papua New Guinea Speakeasy coffee. They are my favourite coffees now! I can’t start my day without them! I don’t think I’ll ever buy store coffees ever again (it would be like drinking plain tap water after savouring a fine bottle of wine – just not the same!) I really can’t choose between the 2 as to which is my ultimate favourite though (I alternate every other day although if I could only take one with me in an underground bunker at the end of the world, I’d take the Mexico for sure:) Thanks for producing such a great quality organic coffee while still making sure Fair Trade is followed so that no person is treated like a slave in any country.

  3. Loved our new Pelee Sunrise while camping over this solstice. The CD is a lovely peaceful addition to our collection as well!

  4. The Blue Mountain changed my life…

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