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Our next “Brew Session” will be held this Saturday (January 8th) at out Hamilton Cupping Lab location (445 Ferguson Avenue North) Be sure to arrive early, as we are expecting this one to be standing room only!

We are only days away from our Kenya microlot auctions, so this time around we will be directing our attentions to north Africa; the birthplace of coffee.

Tastings will include (but are not limited to) Kenya AA Kandara, AA Karumandi, Kariru Peaberry, Kagongo Peaberry, Ethiopian Amaro Gayo (washed & natural), a Rwanda microlot, and Yemen Mokka Matari.

Every session includes demonstrations of proper technique for “to-the-cup” brew methods (aeropress, french press, siphon pot, caramic pourover, espresso)

Interview excerpt taken from

I asked Stephen Armstrong of Speakeasy Roasteries about The Brew Sessions that Speakeasy has been hosting at their Hamilton café & cupping lab location: Google Map

How have the Brew Sessions been going at Speakeasy? Have they been successful?

“Speakeasy Brew Sessions have been very successful. The opening session saw about 25 people through the door. The objective is to get people out to learn that there are some basics to coffee that most people have never learned. We are less concerned about the numbers of people, than the knowledge they come away with. Brewed coffee during the tasting sessions is always free; it’s more about selling the culture of quality and the slow-food / social approach to coffee preparation and sharing.

Brew Session Anecdote…coffee de-gasses for 2-3 weeks after roasting. If you took fresh-roasted coffee and put it in a can, what do you think would happen? The can will explode. So if you are buying grocery store coffee in any kind of sealed container, chances are it’s stale before it ever gets packaged; it has to be for sake of shelf stability. The essential communication here isn’t buy Speakeasy coffee, or even buy better coffee (though this would help); it’s buy fresh coffee.

Brew Sessions also allow me to demonstrate a range of superior to-the-cup methods of making coffee. Lots of people appreciate the knowledge that will let them make a better cup of coffee without having to change the coffee they buy (but just change the way they brew it).

Every ‘Brew Session’ or LCBO ‘Cooking w/ Coffee‘ event I have someone who says, ‘I can usually only drink coffee with cream and sugar. I just tried five remarkably different coffees that I could drink black.’

The Brew Sessions have been enough of a success that starting in January, they will be held weekly: every Saturday from 12 to 3 pm.”

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